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Shangri La is educational center for personal growth and development. We want that all participants arrive with this aim. It is important to note that the program may be physically and emotionally demanding and stressful for some people, mainly for those, who had psychological problems in the past. In case of doubt we advise to consult physician. Each participant has a full responsibility for him/herself including his behaviour towards others in the place of the program. Neither Shangri La nor any person working in the centre is responsible for any losses, damages or injuries of participants. It is required to inform the personnel about serious past psychological problems, infectious diseases, drug abuse and/ or present health state. In case of illness or injury each participant is financing the medical care him/herself. Participant, who came to write or make public anything about the centre or program may do so only with a written consent of Shangri La Centre. Participants under the age of 18 must have a written consent of their parents in order to participate.

If participant decides to finish the program earlier, s/he will not be given the money back. Each participant agrees that s/he will keep the health and hygienic rules of Shangri La in all places where the activities are taking place. Part of each program is a daily hour work in the house or in the garden. It is recommended to bring suitable shoes and clothes.

Zustimmung zur Verwendung Persönlicher Daten

Wir verwenden persönliche Daten nur im vom Gesetz vorgegebenen Umfang. Email Addressen verwenden wir für die Zusendung unseres Newsletters, von dem Sie sich jederzeit abmelden können. (mehr)


Dein Gruppenplatz ist reserviert wenn eine Anzahlung in Höhe von €80 eingegangen ist. Bei Absage bis 1 Monat vor Beginn der Gruppe erstatten wir die Anzahlung minus €25 zurück. Bei Absage 1 Monat bis 10 Tage vor der Gruppe betraegt das Storno €50. Bei Absage innerhalb der letzen 10 Tage verfällt die Anzahlung.

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